Ten days abroad: E3 and beyond!


If you’ve been keeping up to date with our weekly streams, you’d know that Jamball and I will be at this year’s E3! Held in Los Angeles, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is something you might have heard of before – and if not, well, it’s a cool place. Look, you’re going to have to trust me on this one.

The point is, we’ll be away for around ten days while we travel from our ancestral homeland of Australia all the way across the globe to the United States – the land of freedom, prosperity, and John Wayne. I’m hoping to revel in at least two of those things during our trip, but unfortunately, it does mean that the already strained amount of content I’ve been releasing lately will continue to be a slow drip for a little while longer.

Take heart! We’ll be taking our camera with us and recording E3 (and our trip in general), and I hope to upload it all for you guys when we get home along with all the usual content you’re waiting for. Until then, let me just say how grateful we are to all our viewers, fans and supporters – without you there’s no way we’d be going, for multiple and varied reasons! Thanks again to 2K, Dave Hinkle, and Firaxis for the chance to enter E3 in the first place, and of course if you’ll be at E3 and happen to run into us, please say hi! I know of at least three lucky viewers who won our E3 pass raffle last Tuesday and even more who won the various other giveaways happening thanks to 2K and Firaxis throughout the week, so for the first time ever I expect to run into some fans without a computer between us. To them, I’ll give the same advice as always – that if you expect me to look really ugly, you can’t be disappointed.

See you in ten days!