Welcome to MJB.tv!

Welcome! Thanks to the efforts of local superhuman Kelnor, you’re now visiting our very own website. World wide wonder!

What a time to be alive.

This site is something both Jamball and myself have wanted for a long time, and we owe a great deal to Kelnor for suddenly and independently creating this most fitting webzone and then delivering it our metaphorical cyberdoor. Now, we have one single place to bring together all our different pursuits – YouTube video, Twitch.tv streaming, short comments on Twitter and longer articles which until now have had no home at all. In fact, until now, those articles existed only in our minds – where, tragically, no-one could read them.

Not even Sectoids.

Don’t worry! You’re not in our minds – you’re just reading this article thanks to the wonderful convenience that technology can bring! Thanks to MJB.tv, you’ll be able to find everything that relates to Beagle or Jamball in one place. At time of writing, sections to submit and display your Fanart and to index all video content are under construction but not yet finished. On the other hand, while our forum has yet to be stylized at all, it is fully operational and is already a burgeoning center of activity before even being released!

Wow! Happening.

As these sections are finished, the power of MJB.tv will only grow stronger. Perhaps, one day, that power will grow so strong that dark and nefarious powers seize it by force, using it to accomplish their own evil designs under the innocent guise of friendly, entertaining audiovisual content. I hope that day never comes.

Enjoy the website!