Recommended mods
Post your recommended mods here.
Mine are:
Shields from Enhanced Defense
Prepare Carefully

What are yours?
Woomy! くコ:彡´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸
Steam - Youtube
crash landing:

ever think the start of the game was easy? well lets have the rest of the ship fall on you and then light on fire. then lets drop the reactor and fill the map with radiation.

it also works as abit of a jumpstart because it might drop weapons, food, people, materials but it dropped from the ship so its on fire

always do the thing and come to TS: MJB.RAIDVENT.COM:10165

or come see us on the unofficial discord
Expanded Prostehsis and Organ Engeneering: Nice vanilla friendly mod vastly extending the surgery-system with five tiers of artificial limbs and two tiers of artificial organs.

Vein Miner: Click on an ore and it marks the whole vein for mining.

More vanilla turrets: A carefully balanced collection of advanced turrets really expanding the your defenses.

All EdB mods because they're the best.
EdB Everything
Pawn State Icons (See why your mans are angry)
Crash Landing
Superior Crafting (despite the name a total overhaul of research, production, resources, etc. Makes the game much more complex.)
Apparello (Because clothes.)
Rimsenal (Because guns.)

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