We <3 you Commander Beagle. The majority might not always be the most vocal, but we are here, hoping to see you just keep on keeping on!
Thank you! It's alright, there's been some vocal minority yelling lately but it doesn't get me down. I'm lucky to have so much great support and appreciation from you guys.
Could be worse; the Mighty Jingles posts videos nearly every day, mostly of World of Tanks, but the moment he does a video on something different people start commenting saying that he hasn't done a WoT video in "ages". It's why he occasionally calls World of Warships "that bloody boat game" - a comment called it that when complaining about a lack of WoT content (he'd posted a WoT video just two days prior).
I also agree. As much as I like Ironman I really enjoy the different games you show off.
- Strike Von Nice
Secret Dragon man
Was just lurking like always but stopped by to say :
Thanks Beagle.

Registered just to say Thank You, Beagle!

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