What's happening?
What's going on everyone? It's been a week since I've seen another soul online

Why don't we at least condense together, share this experience a bit more? Otherwise, it's just like playing singleplayer...

We could together build a magnificent Dino Town! Instead we choose to have wooden shacks by our lonesome...
Well. Noone has even replied, I'm leaving for summer vacation this week, and nobody else plays anyways

I'm going to be leaving all my dinos to unclaimed (all you have to do is walk to them and claim) near my house, as well as the doors open. I currently reside on the little island in the south, near Jamball's fortress of doom. You can tell it's my place because of the bridge that connects it, the large thatched shack and the crossed rocks above said shack

I hope someone will get them before they starve to death. It's a shame it has to go like this...
Yea I got busy for a couple of days and forgot about my dinosaurs, kinda put me off coming back when I knew they'd all be gone. I've been keeping a close eye on the development of the custom island and I'll probably take the server down and put it back up again when it is ready, as it looks hella fun.

You can see it here -
Great, thanks, now I REALLY want to build inside those ruins :O

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